Quick Start

If you don’t want to think about anything but want to get a working blog, do this. This guide assumes that you already have installed the Hugo-extended version

  1. Make a folder that will contain the blog source code. (For example: c:\workspace\quickstartblog)

  2. Go to the folder directory you made in step 1(quickstartblog in my case), and create a new Hugo site by typing

    hugo new site .

    Keep in mind that there is a . at the end.

  3. Download the hugo-theme-zzo repository. I recommend to use submodule , but this is just a quick start guide. Download the repository is easier than using the git submodule.

  4. Make a zzo folder in your blog themes folder. (quickstartblog/themes/zzo in my case)

  5. Unzip the zzo repository to your zzo folder

  6. In the zzo folder, you can see the exampleSite folder. There are four folders inside (config, content, resources, static). Just copy-paste them to your project root folder. (delete overlapping folders or just override the folders)

  7. Now, you are good to go. Run Hugo by typing hugo server at your root directory.

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